Let me go home folks.

The main purpose of publishing these photographs is to discourage people from misbehaving with the caged animals where they stay a whole life time to entertain mankind.

These animals deserve their own freedom, places similar to their homeland, their families, but instead live a stressful and isolated life.
Ex-situ conservation methods are required to conserve animals, not to give them a painful life framed inside metal bars. The zoological garden that carry out the ex-situ conservation as a national purpose must take necessary actions to provide required area, food, mating partners and other required facilities to animals. While visiting a zoo, people should behave appropriately keeping in mind that they are entering a land that provides shelter to many animals, not to a circus to have fun.

These images were captured at the National Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka situated at Dehiwala.

4 thoughts on “Let me go home folks.

  1. I am against the cages of animals. Let’ try to do something together and I appreciate your efforts right now.


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